"Together they are trying hard to think of something funny and smart to say, but somehow they are so nervous they cannot, and yet their silence is perfect - it is the perfect silence of anticipation, the anticipation before the very best kiss ever." 

Joe Meno

I was going to teach passages from The Boy Detective Fails but didn’t end up having time 

what the fuck even is my life and why is every July always so lush for me, every year 

it’s 9am and I just watched the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer and nothing has looked less sexy to me in my life 

lol at how Naya Rivera just like married a random dude

I’m so invested in her bitch face and all related drama 

sry everyone I have been too busy lately to blog I know you have all missed me so much but time flies when you’re having a perfect summer 



I love my students! 

how did you do that Bob Dylan

The last stanza of Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues 


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