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I was going to answer all of the questions I got in reaction to these pictures. I keep answering them and deleting them. 

But long story short: 

I’m not a “player,” I didn’t want to break up and I stood by that relationship like a pillar of strength and for that I am very proud, and you guys don’t know anything about the situation. I’m not going to answer the weird accusatory questions no why am I even dignifying them here and now 

But yes it’s true and exciting and etc I am very happy now. Unlike my prior situation she would not mind if I wrote about her here but I’m still probably not going to largely out of habit and for the sake of simplicity 

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten any questions so I’m simultaneously surprised and flattered, especially since I’d been seeing this blog more as my own personal type of journal thing for a while 

Anonymous said: WHAT? tell us about this new girl? what happened?

I met a girl who likes southern rap as much I do. She smells good, possesses a vocabulary superior to mine, I didn’t expect it 

I’ve been getting into Twin Peaks at the insistence of my sister but to be honest I don’t know if I can handle it, it is kind of scary even while being campy, but still let me tell you I love Agent Cooper so much I think he’s my favorite philosopher 

Dear World did I mention I have figured out my birthday theme for this year? It’s going to be amazing 

My golden birthday

All Gold Everything 

Mark my words the world isn’t going to be the same after that night 

one of my sweet students from this summer just emailed me asking for a college recommendation I am tearing up 

My sister says my girlfriend and I are Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder usually I prefer for my relationships to be compared to the Great Rap Couples of the 21st century but I’ll take it 

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